BOLIVIA is an historical, cultural and biological treasure nestled between Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Paraguay. The eastern lowlands are a mixture of Chaco, Pantanal wetlands and Amazon rainforests. These lowland tropics occupy 70% of the total area of Bolivia, but are home to only 20% of the population. As you move west into the foothills of the Andes mountains the habitat changes to dry forests with impressive cliffs. Here the mountains of the Eastern Cordillera are tilted towards the east. The forests become more exuberant as you increase in altitude from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba, and both the forest and its life forms change dramatically, as does the spectacular scenery. In addition to the forests, the long, fertile basins with long ribbons of cultivated crops around.

Cochabamba is a beautiful city. In Cochabamba the forests become more sparse due to the altitude and shorter growing season. The mountains just north of Cochabamba are also tilted, but to the northeast rather than the east. The heavily forested northern and eastern slopes are interrupted by the fertile semi-tropical valleys of the Yungas. The impressive painted deserts to the south host a number of special life forms unique to this habitat. Finally you reach the Altiplano plateau at around 12,000 feet, and the habitat changes to puna grasslands and marshes. From the road that connects La Paz to the southern edge of Lake Titicaca, you can see four peaks soaring to over 19,700 feet. The La Cumbre pass at 15,000 feet is just 15 miles from La Paz, which at 11, 930 feet is the world's highest city capital.

Wonderful places, friendly people, fine accommodations and a wide variety of exciting and little-known birds combine to make Bolivia an unforgettable birding experience.

A high-quality wildlife viewing adventure that will provide you many years of rich memories.

RED FRONTED MACAW (endemic bird)


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